It’s All An Illusion


Earlier today a friend commented on a facebook* post of mine that I am example of someone who has their shit together.  Here is where I debunk that myth:

This is a photo the light fixture in my master bedroom, if you can’t tell it’s broken. In fact it has been broken since February 26, 2009 the day I closed on my house.  I broke it when I was swinging a broom wildly about, really don’t ask it was new home owner excitement. Then I just kept forgetting to fix it and then forgetting to fix it some more. 


For those keeping track, that is 3 years and 7 months that I have lived with a broken light fixture. Not because I couldn’t afford it’s replacement or didn’t have access to a light fixture store.  I just kept forgetting about it or was unable to pick a new one because I am surprisingly indecisive.  

Tonight I went to Lowes for a small can of white paint to paint my back door, but ended up coming home with three new light fixtures for my house, but no paint.  Yep, back to Lowes I go tomorrow or in a year from now, whatever. 

I selected this bad boy for my bedroom because it’s pretty and sparkly when the light is on and it holds two bulbs instead of one!  Yay for more light! 


A quick call to my dad resulted in three new lights getting installed tonight, he did the heavy lifting I just held the screws.  Here it is in all its shiny light glory:


Since the house is on the market it makes complete sense to update a few light fixtures, and if it doesn’t sell and I stay here longer then I am planning at least I will have updated fixtures. 

For those of you( hi Renee) who followed my old blog, Be Notorious, this is a new and updated blog as I closed the other one down.  I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I chose In The Quiet, In The Crowd because it’s a song lyric that really resonated with me and instantly snapped it up! 


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