The Emerald City


Most people who has spent more than five seconds with me know how in love I am with the city of Seattle.  I lived there for two years a few years ago, wish I had never left,  and yearn to return one day soon, but all the cards need to line up accordingly.  Mainly someone needs to buy or rent my house, but first I need to emotionally detach myself from it.

That is neither here or there in regards to this post, really I just want to share some photos from my last trip to Seattle, where I spent a week dragging my poor friend around the city to all my favorite spots.

This is the view of the Puget Sound from my favorite park:Image

Rose Garden View:


City Target in downtown Seattle! Super cute store, but I am hating on Target at the moment for their Thanksgiving day opening. Image

Kurt Cobain memorial bench:Image

4th and Wall intersection where the old apartment is:


Enough reminiscing, up next the Gorge recap!! It will be exciting so watch for it!

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