Red Rocks – John Mayer – Night 1

If you are music fan get yourself to a show at Red Rocks, you won’t be disappointed, the venue is beautiful. 




If you are fan of John Mayer, get yourself to a show this tour as he is the Mayer I think many people either remember from when he first started or always hoped he would find his way back to. 

I was a late in the game Mayer fan, 2009 to be exact. I never knew the John who was first chasing his dream, but I knew the John who achieved his dream and became an asshole because of it.  For reasons that are my own I choose to stick by his musical side, and 4 years later I was rewarded with a musician who was gracious, humble, and appreciative of the success he has earned and the fans that stood by his side through it all.

I was a bit bummed before the show as the original plans fell through, my friend and I were supposed to have a seats in the 2nd row but ended up in the VIP section in row 7. In the grand scheme of life, not a big deal.  Dick Vitale was in my section, I had no clue who he was  until I googled him.  #notasportsfan

John opened with Queen of California, a personal favorite of mine because I am always in California and the show just took off from there. He played a mixture of old songs, new songs, and cover songs, he even pulled out Wheel as an encore opener. 




At one point he called his dad out onto stage, for those that don’t know John’s dad is 86 or 87 years old, you can just tell he loves how happy John makes people. He requested that John play Stop This Train, and I thought John might cry as he was playing it as it’s a song about getting older. 




Go to a show this tour to see a man who has lived through hell and come back to find exactly what he was missing. 

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