Ten Years


Earlier this morning I mailed off my passport for renewal as I was approaching the ten year mark of September 29 2013.

Ten years. 

Looking back over those ten years I have realized just how much has happened between September 2003 and September 2013. 

I have lost four people I loved dearly, their bodies lowered into their final resting place or their ashes set free into the wild. 

All four of my childhood pups are gone: first Lewi, then Rex, then Miles, and finally Buddy as is Jackpot, the family cat. 

Jobs that were left and a career that was discovered when I took a giant leap of faith. A city that was left in haste, a house purchased that most days is home and some days a prison. 

A heart that broke that day in March,  and is still unwilling to let go and let love in again. 

Friends that were discovered and others I walked away from.  

More concerts and plane rides and miles in the car then I know what to do with. Hundreds of books that have been read. Hours of internet searching that yielded nothing. 

Weddings and babies and divorces and remarriages. 

The most important moment came just three days ago when my nephew was born. 

Ten years. 



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