Wedding Dreams


Last night while I slept I dreamt of myself getting married and most vividly the wedding itself, for the record I am currently single and never been married.  When I was younger I had this dream frequently, the dress, the ceremony, the faceless groom. 

Last night the dream was similar, the details were so vivid. I was the version of myself that I long to be (healthier, fit, strong), wearing a beautiful v-neck lace gown that hugged by curves just so while still being modest, the ceremony was in an old, candle light church with stain glass windows.  The pews were filled with people who make up the story of my life: mom, dad, brother, aunts, uncles, friends from across the globe and of course the people who made up the story of the groom’s life. 

The dream always ends the same, I am walking down the aisle toward mine groom who has his back towards me.  When I am about halfway down he turns around and is faceless, always faceless. 

Last night he turned around, only instead of being faceless there was a familiar face, one that I have known and loved for years. 

Now, I don’t know or believe that this means he is the one I will marry one day, but maybe it will happen.  He has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember, yet we just can’t quite pair up romantically.  

I searched weddings on, reading that a wedding signify a transitional phase or coming to terms with change. That context makes perfect sense to me knowing what is going in my life. 

I still hope that one day that I get to wear the lace dress, walk down an aisle filled with friends and family to find him waiting there for me. 


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