On Setting Goals


I had thought I could make this the year where I didn’t have any goals I was focusing on, a year of freedom from checking things off the list.

Turns out, by not setting goals I lost all sense of direction and I need direction. I have realized I can’t live this way, as I find myself trapped in a cycle of laziness.

So I am changing my mind, as I am allowed to do, by setting some goals for the remainder of 2014.  Typically I like to focus on 10 or so goals a year, sometimes there are fewer or more depending on what I want to trying to accomplish in any given year.

Here are 2014’s goals

  1. Lose weight –   I actually hate putting this as a goal because I think society focuses on appearances far too much, but I need to get to a healthy weight otherwise my life will be cut short. I always want to do the things that my weight stops me from doing such as running or surfing or kayaking.
  2. Limit screen time – I spend close to 18 hours of my day in front of the computer or tv or iPhone or iPad, 8-10 of which are work related. The rest is just the mind numbing escape from a reality I don’t want to face.
  3. SPHR and PMP – I want to sit for and pass the SPHR and PMP exams as it will strengthen the credibility I have in my career
  4. Exercise daily – this goes in line with #1, nothing excessive or crazy.  Just 60 minutes of walking or swimming will go along way in my weight loss achievements and my sanity.
  5. Dairy, chips, and soda – I eat dairy products and immediately regret it when my stomach starts churning, chips and soda are my go to feeling low foods.  All three need to be removed from my diet.  By far this will be my hardest goal to achieve.
  6. Pay off car loan and credit card debt – Almost there on this one, about 6 months to go until the only debt I have are student loans and mortgage.  Student loans will be tackled next.
  7. Visit my nephew each time I am home – I love that little guy, and I want to make sure he knows his Auntie Melissa loves and adores him even if she is off traveling the world.
  8. Finish MAPP classes – I had to put a pause on the adoption classes 😦 because of the amount I travel for work, I want to finish them by the end of 2014.
  9. Investments – I want to up my financial security and investments game, my 401k is healthy but I want to do more to ensure I can retire when I want to.
  10. Inadequacy – I need to deal with always feeling inadequate, I know where it stems from I just don’t know how to not feel this way.  I am going to seek out the help I need to move past it.

All of these are very achievable once I focus on them.  Excited to see where the remainder of 2014 brings me.

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