Recovering Workaholic


I am doing my best to stop focusing so much of my life on work, as I finally recognized the negative impacts it was having on me in terms of health, social life, emotional well-being etc. I also noticed how protective of their time other people were, which for me was really the “light bulb moment’.

One of the guidelines I recently gave myself was no reading/sending emails on the weekend(or really late at night during the workweek), because you know it’s the weekend and no one wants to see work emails while they are trying to relax and enjoy their down time.

Fast forward to this weekend where I received a couple URGENT email requests on my phone, instead of dropping everything I was doing to answer and provide the needed updates, which in the past is my typical reaction,  I responded with “I usually do an hour or two of admin work on Sunday evenings to prepare for the upcoming week, I will include this in that time but will not be available before then.” #babysteps

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