Breaking Bad …. Habits


Yesterday morning I flew to Austin, TX for work. At my current weight I have come to realize I am the person no one wants to sit next to, I am not at the point of taking up more then one seat but I am close. It’s made me incredibly self conscious, losing weight is something I always think about but never seem to do even though I want to. My therapist tells me it’s because I built a barrier around myself to avoid pain.

Shit this post is not going the way I wanted, I wanted to talk about habits.


Yesterday while flying to Austin I read a book about habits, it wasn’t particularly good so I won’t recommend it, but it did get me thinking about the habits I have.

They are mostly bad.

1. I drink soda and ice tea like a fish out of water.
2. I never exercise, never.
3. Vegetables? What are those my, diet is all processed or take out it’s no surprise I am gigantic.
4. Facebook, social media, and the internet in general tends to overtake my life.
5. I am attached to my electronics, and use my iPad in bed (shame, shame)
6. TV fills the days when I am bored
7. I make a great salary, but a shopping habit destroys my monthly budget and I never end up saving as much as I want.

The bad list also includes not flossing regularly and other things as well.

What’s my good habit you ask? Well I tend to eat fruit for breakfast but not always.

The book suggestion changing one habit at a time and that will eventually lead to breaking the others.

My choice is to start exercising each day for 60 minutes and I am going to commit to working out everyday so I become used to this new habit. I have built it into my daily calendar, I am hoping that will limit the excuses I make about not having time because I know how much time I actually waste!

Here goes nothing!

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