Ten Years


Earlier this morning I mailed off my passport for renewal as I was approaching the ten year mark of September 29 2013.

Ten years. 

Looking back over those ten years I have realized just how much has happened between September 2003 and September 2013. 

I have lost four people I loved dearly, their bodies lowered into their final resting place or their ashes set free into the wild. 

All four of my childhood pups are gone: first Lewi, then Rex, then Miles, and finally Buddy as is Jackpot, the family cat. 

Jobs that were left and a career that was discovered when I took a giant leap of faith. A city that was left in haste, a house purchased that most days is home and some days a prison. 

A heart that broke that day in March,  and is still unwilling to let go and let love in again. 

Friends that were discovered and others I walked away from.  

More concerts and plane rides and miles in the car then I know what to do with. Hundreds of books that have been read. Hours of internet searching that yielded nothing. 

Weddings and babies and divorces and remarriages. 

The most important moment came just three days ago when my nephew was born. 

Ten years. 





This vacation has been one for the history books. 

I spent 7 days in Denver visiting with friends and wrapped up the week with a quick flight to Seattle for a friend’s wedding BBQ. 

I left the BBQ early, went back to my hotel room where I subsequently slept for the next 12 hours.  I have been coughy, feverish, and voiceless for a majority of the trip, this sleep was very much needed. 

Things I am learned while on vacation:

  • I prefer not to share hotel rooms (not a bad experience, I just like/need my quiet alone time especially when I am sick)
  • Denver is a great city, filled with awesome people. Well the seven I know are awesome, assuming everyone else is as well. 
  • My heart is still in Seattle, I can’t wait to live there again. 
  • I spend way too much of my precious time at work. 
  • John Mayer is really tall and very nice. 
  • Books. I love them (i already knew this, just wanted to throw it out there since I somehow acquired 16 new books this past week)

Things I lost on vacation:

  • my favorite blue sweater
  • 2.5 pairs of sunglasses, i started with three my last pair is minus one arm. 
  • iPhone power cord and usb cable
  • my virginity (kidding! just checking to see who is paying attention)
  • my voice, two hours before I was supposed to meet John Mayer. It’s about 67% back now. 

I am exhausted yet relaxed.  My flight to San Francisco leaves in less then four hours, I am returning to life/work with a renewed focus on living a life full of joy.

John Mayer – Red Rocks – Night 2

I met John tonight at a meet and greet, highlight of my week. Sadly I lost my voice today so all I could say to him was “hi John, I’m Melissa and I lost my voice” then it started cracking, but a great time none the less.

The show was awesome. Shorter then night 1, but an incredible set list and awesome guitar solos.

I am sleepy, friends have an early am flight so i am signing off.

Go see a John Mayer show, you won’t be disappointed!

Red Rocks – John Mayer – Night 1

If you are music fan get yourself to a show at Red Rocks, you won’t be disappointed, the venue is beautiful. 




If you are fan of John Mayer, get yourself to a show this tour as he is the Mayer I think many people either remember from when he first started or always hoped he would find his way back to. 

I was a late in the game Mayer fan, 2009 to be exact. I never knew the John who was first chasing his dream, but I knew the John who achieved his dream and became an asshole because of it.  For reasons that are my own I choose to stick by his musical side, and 4 years later I was rewarded with a musician who was gracious, humble, and appreciative of the success he has earned and the fans that stood by his side through it all.

I was a bit bummed before the show as the original plans fell through, my friend and I were supposed to have a seats in the 2nd row but ended up in the VIP section in row 7. In the grand scheme of life, not a big deal.  Dick Vitale was in my section, I had no clue who he was  until I googled him.  #notasportsfan

John opened with Queen of California, a personal favorite of mine because I am always in California and the show just took off from there. He played a mixture of old songs, new songs, and cover songs, he even pulled out Wheel as an encore opener. 




At one point he called his dad out onto stage, for those that don’t know John’s dad is 86 or 87 years old, you can just tell he loves how happy John makes people. He requested that John play Stop This Train, and I thought John might cry as he was playing it as it’s a song about getting older. 




Go to a show this tour to see a man who has lived through hell and come back to find exactly what he was missing. 



Hello!  Long time, no post!  

I forgot all about this poor little blog, until I remembered it last night!  I can’t make any promises that I will be blogging daily, but I am aiming for once a week at least. 

I recently was reading an interview from everyone’s favorite guitar slaying musician, John Mayer, when this quote jumped out at me “I’m interested in living more of a life that’s invisible to everybody and more vibrant to a fewer people that are in my life.” and I immediately thought yes, that’s it.

While my life is no where as visible to as many people as Mayer’s is, I have long thought that the advent of social media and my adoption of it has caused my relationships to suffer.  For a long while now I lived inside my computer screen, forgetting the outside world and my real life friends. 

Part of it is because of all the travel I do for work and part of it is because I have dealing with a pretty serious episode of depression, thanks to those who picked up on this and helped me as I struggled through it. Now the travel is not going to stop nor do I want it to, it’s become such a part of me that I feel restless when I am in one place too long.  The depression is work in progress, one that is a constant battle but I turned a corner a while back and God willing I will be better then fine one day very soon. 

One thing I have learned during this episode is who really matters to me and who I really matter to.  It’s very easy to think that you matter to the 200 plus people who like a status or comment on a tumblr or facebook post, but in reality you don’t and you know what, that’s more then okay.  Everyone has their people and I have mine, that is only natural. 

It’s the ones who call or text or email to say hello or check-in.  The ones I long to see when I am away and who will insist we get together when I am home.   These are the people I want to strengthen the relationship with, even if it’s already strong.  I want them to see my vibrancy, I no longer have the need or the desire to share it with the world, just my little circle of friends/family. 

A Wild Ride – 2012 in Review


LIke I have the past few years, I will spend New Years Eve at home reflecting on life, which means I will most likely watch movies, drink wine, and be merry. I like and enjoy spending my NYE this way, away from the chaos of the evening. 

I had no idea what 2012 had in store when the year began, and looking back it’s been  amazing and overwhelming. 

  • With the help and encouragement of many people I love, especially my friend Angela who was by side at the finish line, I completed my first 1/2 marathon, an amazing feeling.  Sadly something about finishing it sent me into a really dark period that I am only now getting out of. 
  • Met, and was able to thank, a favorite musician of mine. 
  • Was with my friend, Crystal, as she experienced the beauty that is the Gorge for the first time. 
  • I went back to the only place that felt like home, Seattle, for the first time since 2007, and returned again a few months later. 
  • I saw numerous concerts, as usual.  DMB, Mumford and Sons, Ray Lamontagne, each better then the other. 
  • Spent many nights away from home, working in California. 
  • Drove the pacific coast highway from San Fran to LA and back. 
  • I watched as two friends lost their battles with cancer.  Like many people I knew,  they were taken too soon. 

So many moments most I can barely recall, nevertheless I am ready for joys and sorrows of 2013

The Gorge


Way back in 2002 I was a member of the now defunct Nancies.org, which at the time a Dave Matthews Band message board, go on, it’s okay to laugh.  It was on this board that I came across like minded people, and as a result we all decided to meet up at the Gorge for DMB’s Labor Day Weekend shows that year. 

To this day, it is one of my favorite memories and those people I met that weekend are some of my dearest friends.  From births of children to the death of a dear friend, I am seen it all with them.  

Between 2002 and 2012 I have been back a handful of times for DMB and other shows, Pearl Jam in 2006 was an equally amazing experience  this year marked the tenth anniversary of that weekend.  While very few people were able to make it back, I arranged things at work and life so that I could. 

I have seen DMB 100 times, and as I often tell me at this point its less about the music and more about the people and memories that are conjured when I hear an opening note of a favorite song. 

Anyways, even if you hate DMB you must see a show at the Gorge it’s an entirely different experience then any other venue, though Red Rocks is an experience in itself as well.  Over Labor Day Weekend by friend, Crystal,  and I drove out from Seattle for the DMB weekend. 

Crystal and Me



view from theWild Horses Monument on the drive to the GorgeImage

View from the top of the lawn.Image

Closer view