Adoption, Goals

I have had babies and marriage on my mind lately, neither is happening in my foreseeable future, but a woman can dream.
She can also make Pinterest boards, re-pinning anything that sparks her heart’s desires.

That’s the thing though. I want kids, specifically I told God and the universe that I want three happy, healthy, and vibrant children. They can come to me through giving birth or adoption, the vessel of arrival does not matter to me in the slightest. I just want them here, and soon.

Trying to adopt through the state of Massachusetts is faced with barriers that are all my own, classes that are held on Tuesday nights when I a in Austin Monday – Thursday. It’s going painstakingly slow, slower than I had really wanted it to.

Throw in a desire to live in Seattle, I am not sure how this process will play out. I am going to keep plugging away at it and Washington State has a similar program if I do end up taking the leap and moving.

Did You Know


That in many public libraries in the state of Massachusetts there is a book filled with pictures of children waiting for their forever home.

Picture upon picture upon picture.

My home study went well, I have room enough for four children.

I will make sure that book has four fewer children in it when I am done with this process.

Four kids who will be loved for who they and who they will become. Not only by me, but by my family and friends.

They will have warm beds and full bellies, hugs and kisses, whatever therapeutic help they will need.

Those four, whomever God decides to entrust in my care, will know they are safe, secure, and loved.

2014 Goals


This year I resolve to do nothing. I am just not making any goals or resolutions. I want to be free of any sort of expectation that I place on myself.

The only item on my agenda for 2014 is adoption, and it’s a process I have very little control over. I will do what is needed and required, but the rest I am placing in God’s and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ hands.

My heart is ready, my house is ready.  I will not over think it or stress about it.

First up are the MAPP classes, which begin on Tuesday, January 7th.