Quiet Hours

It’s the moment between awake and sleeping where my mind gets trapped in an endless cycle of overthinking, dreams of what might have been, mistakes made etc.

I try to shut it off, but this quiet hour breaks me most nights.

It’s breaking me tonight.

A todo list for tomorrow, a coworker that is driving me a little nutty, selling my house, children I may never have, love that I so desperately want. It’s all raced through my mind for the past two hours on an endless loop.

Zumba Fail

It’s hard to not feel like a failure when you have to stop the DVD six minutes in because you are already spent.

I have to keep reminding myself that six minutes today turns into seven minutes tomorrow, eventually, as I keep plugging away at it, I will make the entire 45 minute DVD.

Fixing years do depression, laziness, and horrific eating habits does not change overnight. I wish it did, but my eye is on the prize and I’ll get there one way or another.