Day 1 – A song you like with a color in the title

30-Day Song Challenge

Black – Pearl Jam

I love this song for many reasons, it’s these lyrics that always punches me in the gut.

“I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life
I know you’ll be a star in somebody else’s sky, but why
Why, why can’t it be, oh can’t it be mine?”

Ah, unrequited love. My first love will forever live in those lyrics.

Covid-19 and the 30-Day Song Challenge

30-Day Song Challenge, Life

Today is April 13, 2020.

The world is about three months into a global pandemic, Covid -19. Schools and businesses are shuttered with many people working or schooling from home. Restaurants only allow take out, we can’t come within six feet of each other. Proms and graduations are canceled. Concerts are canceled. Flights are canceled.

Life as we knew it is canceled. I haven’t touched another human in over six weeks. It’s just Luke, my dog, and I at my house. It’s bat shit crazy. I am bored, I remembered I had this fun little blog of mine so I am going to see if I can make a consistent go of it.

There is a 30 – Day Song Challenge has been making the rounds around Instagram. This weekend I decided I want to start limiting my social media content so I am going to do the challenge here instead.

I will give it a go and see how it goes.

27 Willow


On January 14th I bought a little cape in Madison, CT that’s only a few miles from the beach.  I wasn’t planning to buy for another year but this was too good to pass up.


It’s got enough room to grow my family and four acres for Luke to explore. It was well loved, a tiny bit neglected, and will take some time fix up but it already feels like home.

Lucky Luke

Dog, Life

On September 17, 2017 I adopted Lucky #4 from a Lab Rescue out of Maryland.


Luke’s Gotcha Day!

Per the rescue org he was born 6/21/15, was found as a stray, and loves everyone.  Which is true, he certainly does.  He is tall and lean, though with the amount of food he consumes I am not sure how lean he will stay.  They called him Lucky #4, which I changed to Luke.


Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball!

I love that he was born the same year I lost my beloved duo,  Java and Brady.  It seems fitting somehow.


Mama made me wear this bow tie..

Until I got him home I had no idea how desperately I needed his joy and energy in my life.

23 Hilltop


Despite the layers of wallpaper, the overcrowded rooms, the chipped paint on the exterior I loved you from first moment I first saw you.

When I bought you I was broken and trying to pick up the pieces of a shattered heart and destroyed dreams.

For 8 years, 6 months, and 4 days I called you home.

You helped heal my heart, kept my pups safe and warm in the winter, hosted family dinners, baby and wedding showers, withstood a tornado, hurricanes, and blizzards.

You stood empty for months as I traveled the globe, opening your arms as I walked through the back door when I returned home.

You gave me everything you had.

I thank you and I honor you.


On Letting Go


This past weekend I cleaned out two storage containers full of artifacts, letters, cards, and mementos I have held onto for years.   These containers have moved with me from state to state as I worked my way to Seattle and back home again.  They sit in whatever garage or basement I have available collecting dust as I moved on with life.

Lately I have been feeling the weight of them, a weight I no longer want to carry.

On Saturday morning I opened the first box, examining each item as I pulled it out. Playbills and pictures and letters, all evoking a memory stored deep in my mind.

Old friends long forgotten.

Ex – boyfriends who once wooed me in handwritten notes.

State championships lost and won.

Then I found the email.  An email from a very young love after we decided to discard each others heart.

After giving the email another read I realize he was not strong of enough to stay with me through a down period in my life. My smile faded for a minute and he count not handle it.

The words were right there on paper for my eyes to see, process.

All these years I carried this weight of him with me, on Saturday I finally let him and all my report cards go.

Directly into the recycle bin.


Drum Circle


We sat in a circle, these 10 strangers and I, holding the drums the leader provided for us.

boom – boom – boom – boom

The beat started low and steady as we all found our rhythm, our hands getting used to the instrument, to the sound we hear, and to the sound we internalized.

boom – boom – boom – boom

The shy man, the elderly woman, the loving mom and her two kids, the married couple, the healer, the drum leader, and the soul searcher.  Each us were beating the the drums to the music we heard, and we eventually fell into a rhythm that echoed our heart beats.

boom – boom – boom – boom

Eyes closed and  heart open.  We played softly, we played loudly, we played played for each other, we played for ourselves.

boom – boom – boom – boom




Christmas 2015


I sat at the end of the table observing the 17 members of my immediate and extended family as they chatted with each other over Christmas dinner.

At one point during dinner I looked down towards the opposite end at the oldest family member, my 89 year old grandfather who we call Nonno.  He was holding his 2 year old great grandchild, Andrew, on his lap.  Andrew LOVES Nonno, 87 years separate them but they speak the same language.


Nonno (89) and Andrew (2)

This is the family he built with my Nonni all those decades ago when they first met and married.

Seperately they arrived from Italy, together had 5 children, 10 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  At Thanksgiving Nonno had commented to one of my cousins how amazing it was to know he build this family. (I don’t remember the exact conversation, but it was something along those lines.)

We lost Nonni in 2004,  I wish she had lived long enough to see her first great grandchild. On Christmas, I felt her there, it was such an overwhelming feeling of her presence.