Hello!  Long time, no post!  

I forgot all about this poor little blog, until I remembered it last night!  I can’t make any promises that I will be blogging daily, but I am aiming for once a week at least. 

I recently was reading an interview from everyone’s favorite guitar slaying musician, John Mayer, when this quote jumped out at me “I’m interested in living more of a life that’s invisible to everybody and more vibrant to a fewer people that are in my life.” and I immediately thought yes, that’s it.

While my life is no where as visible to as many people as Mayer’s is, I have long thought that the advent of social media and my adoption of it has caused my relationships to suffer.  For a long while now I lived inside my computer screen, forgetting the outside world and my real life friends. 

Part of it is because of all the travel I do for work and part of it is because I have dealing with a pretty serious episode of depression, thanks to those who picked up on this and helped me as I struggled through it. Now the travel is not going to stop nor do I want it to, it’s become such a part of me that I feel restless when I am in one place too long.  The depression is work in progress, one that is a constant battle but I turned a corner a while back and God willing I will be better then fine one day very soon. 

One thing I have learned during this episode is who really matters to me and who I really matter to.  It’s very easy to think that you matter to the 200 plus people who like a status or comment on a tumblr or facebook post, but in reality you don’t and you know what, that’s more then okay.  Everyone has their people and I have mine, that is only natural. 

It’s the ones who call or text or email to say hello or check-in.  The ones I long to see when I am away and who will insist we get together when I am home.   These are the people I want to strengthen the relationship with, even if it’s already strong.  I want them to see my vibrancy, I no longer have the need or the desire to share it with the world, just my little circle of friends/family.