This vacation has been one for the history books. 

I spent 7 days in Denver visiting with friends and wrapped up the week with a quick flight to Seattle for a friend’s wedding BBQ. 

I left the BBQ early, went back to my hotel room where I subsequently slept for the next 12 hours.  I have been coughy, feverish, and voiceless for a majority of the trip, this sleep was very much needed. 

Things I am learned while on vacation:

  • I prefer not to share hotel rooms (not a bad experience, I just like/need my quiet alone time especially when I am sick)
  • Denver is a great city, filled with awesome people. Well the seven I know are awesome, assuming everyone else is as well. 
  • My heart is still in Seattle, I can’t wait to live there again. 
  • I spend way too much of my precious time at work. 
  • John Mayer is really tall and very nice. 
  • Books. I love them (i already knew this, just wanted to throw it out there since I somehow acquired 16 new books this past week)

Things I lost on vacation:

  • my favorite blue sweater
  • 2.5 pairs of sunglasses, i started with three my last pair is minus one arm. 
  • iPhone power cord and usb cable
  • my virginity (kidding! just checking to see who is paying attention)
  • my voice, two hours before I was supposed to meet John Mayer. It’s about 67% back now. 

I am exhausted yet relaxed.  My flight to San Francisco leaves in less then four hours, I am returning to life/work with a renewed focus on living a life full of joy.

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